• Bill Published to Establish Independent Anti-Corruption Authority

Mar 01 - Devil’s Gap Renovation

devils gapAccording to the Government, the Devil’s Gap footpath is set to undergo renovation works in order to make the path more accessible in a similar way to that which has been done to the Mediterranean Steps.

The footpath, which leads from Devil’s Gap to the Upper Town, will be closed to the general public for a period of 6 weeks, commencing from next week.

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Mar 01 Chief Inspector Ullger – Federal Bureau of Investigation Course

CI Ullger at the FBIThe Royal Gibraltar Police’s Detective Chief Inspector Richard Ullger is currently attending the 252nd FBI National Academy Session in Quantico, Virginia. He is one of a group of 241 US and 29 international students.

DCI Ullger has recently been appointed by his fellow Section 1 colleagues as their Academy Section Representative. As a result Chief Inspector Ullger had to compete for the Session Representation Position together with five other section representatives, who had in turn been selected by their respective section members. On the 18th of February 2013 the baton as Academy Section Representative was handed to Captain David Allen of the North Carolina State Patrol.

Chief Inspector Ullger was extremely honoured to have been selected to represent his section, stating that he was exceptionally fortunate to be working together with many other professional law enforcement officers.

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