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Nov 15 Government Response to EU Statement

Gibraltar GovernmentCommission Statement Contains Very Positive Recommendations

Her Majesty's Government of Gibraltar notes that the EU Commission has said it has "found no evidence" during its one day visit to the Gibraltar land frontier with Spain that the frontier checks being carried out by Spain are contrary to EU treaty requirements. This finding flies in the face of the reality being experienced by commuters and travellers and will serve only to encourage the sort of bullying tactics that have characterised the past four months at the frontier. The Gibraltar Government joins the British Government in considering that the recent increased checks are unlawful and politically motivated.

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Nov 15 Defenders Of Gibraltar - European Commission Appeases Spain

The Defenders of Gibraltar are disappointed by the recent statement by the EU Commission, which is a clear and blatant attempt to side step the serious issue of politically motivated Frontier Queues which Gibraltar has had to endure since the reopening of the Frontier. Many Gibraltarians and other nationalities that work in Gibraltar are rightly angry to read that the European Commission did not find evidence to conclude that Spanish authorities had infringed upon the relevant provisions of Union law.

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