• Bill Published to Establish Independent Anti-Corruption Authority

Feb 27 - Botanical Gardens Educates Youngsters on Nature

botanic gardensYesterday afternoon the Gibraltar Botanical Gardens officially launched their Natural Learning Centre which, for a number of weeks now, has centered around educating young school children on ‘all sorts of matters relating to our environment’.

The scheme, the brainchild of Botanical Gardens staff member Chris Guilder has received an enormous amount of positive feedback from the youngsters involved, as well as parents. So much so that a waiting list has been compiled for other children who want to partake in the scheme. The children currently involved with the Learning Centre are aged 11 and attend Bishop Fitzgerald School.

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Feb 27 - Road Traffic Accident Along Queensway

rgpYesterday night at approximately 8pm, two motorbikes collided along Queensway. Both motorists suffered injuries and required hospitalisation. Following the accident, RGP officers closed off the road for an hour..

A witness of the incident told YGTV that one of the motorists, a woman, seemingly in her mid 20s to early 30s, was seen driving over the speed limit on the opposite side of the road when she collided with another motorcyclist and an Audi. The motorcyclist was thrown off his bike and skidded into the Queensway Quay car park. The witness reports that he seemed to be suffering with a broken leg.

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