• Picardo Calls Election For 12th October
  • Picardo Calls Election For 12th October

    On the advice of the Chief Minister, at midday today 12th September 2023 His Excellency the Governor Vice Admiral Sir David Steel KBE, KStJ, DL issued the Proclamation under section 38(1) of the Constitution of Gibraltar to dissolve Parliament. 

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GHITA Gibraltar General Election Wishlist 2023

Below follows GHITA's General Election Wishlist 2023:
The Gibraltar Government's Lifestyle 'Pandemic' Survey (2021) highlighted the fact that 7% of the population suffers from Deafness that is out of 33701 inhabitants (2019 figures) 2359 people identified themselves as ' Deaf'.  Gibraltar is 2% higher than WHO's global figures which for us is also an indicator for further investigation and review.   The current picture is very bleak, and it is getting worse with the now Long Covid.   Longterm effects of Covid-19 and/or the Vaccines have increased symptoms of deafness and tinnitus globally.  

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