• Richard Ullger Appointed Commissioner of Police

July 02 - Government: GSD “Ashamed Of The Truth Of GSD Govt Finances”

A statement from the Government on the continuing debate concerning the state of public finances:

- "Useable cash reserve" is only relevant measure

- "Overall cash reserve" includes the monies borrowed by Govt

- Picardo's unimpeachable evidence not even dented by Feetham's misleading response

- GSD candidate already starting to insult the Chief Minister

It is clear from the GSD’s latest press statements that Mr Feetham continues to show that he is unable to understand how the public finances work. He is clearly unable to make a distinction between ‘overall cash reserves’ and ‘usable cash reserves'

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July 02 - Bus Route Changes

The Government would like to inform the public that, as part of the continuous drive to better the service of the Gibraltar Bus Company, and following a period of detailed consultation with relevant stakeholders, the following temporary route changes will be implemented by the Bus Company as from Monday 15th July 2013:

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Jul 02 - ‘Big Up Diaz’ Tribute Charity Concert

charity concertThis weekend, a tribute charity concert will be held in aid of local charity ‘Pathway Through Pain’. Local Teenager, Philip Diaz, passed away last year following a battle with terminal Cancer. Philip had become increasingly involved with the charity, which assists families who are experiencing financial troubles due to illness.

The concert, dubbed the ‘Big Up Diaz Tribute Charity Concert’, will feature performances by the Royal Gibraltar Regiment band, the Harmonics Choir, local act This Side Up and others.

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July 02 - Picardo's Letter To Voters Urges Them To Choose Isola

The following letter has been sent by GSLP Leader Fabian Picardo to voters ahead of Thursday’s by-election urging them to vote for their candidate Albert Isola. The letter reads as follows:


Go Out To Vote For Albert Isola On Thursday 4th July

It seems like only yesterday that we were all celebrating winning the election in December 2011. We achieved this by working together to break Mr Caruana’s and the GSD's 16 years in power to start delivering on the change we promised.

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