• COVID-19 Information Update - Friday 5th June - 21 Active Cases
  • COVID-19 Information Update - Friday 5th June - 21 Active Cases

    5th June 2020
    Total tests done: 8733
    Test results pending: 102
    Test results received: 8631
    Confirmed cases: 174
    Active cases: 21 (14: Gib-residents / 7: cross-frontier workers)
    Recovered cases: 153
    Number in self-isolation: 78

    A total of 3827tests have been carried out so far in the frontline, targeted and systematic
    sampling. This is included in the above figures.

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June 03 - Casemates Rally Celebrates GFA UEFA Success

celebrationsFriday evening’s UEFA celebrations once again surpassed expectations, masking Casemates Square with shroud of frenzy and goodwill. The afternoon, which brought about a nostalgia not dissimilar to that of National Day, kicked off with a ticker tape parade through Main Street, displaying all of Gibraltar’s football teams.

At Casemates Square, master of ceremonies Peter Canessa introduced the GFA Delegation. He noted that the number 54 was not only significant to Gibraltar as the 54th member of UEFA, but it also marked the year that Her Majesty the Queen visited Gibraltar.

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June 03 - GSD Questions Why Government Has Not Yet Published Fishing Report

gsdlogoThe GSD has today called on the Government to make public the Fishing Report. A spokesperson said: “It will be recalled that the Government has had a copy of the report since December of last year. During Parliamentary Questions and Answers, the Minister for the Environment, John Cortes, said that the Government could not provide the Opposition with a copy of the report because it needed to be ‘formatted’ but that it would be published shortly. The GSD Opposition would like to remind the Government that it has been saying that it will publish the report shortly for some time now. When further asked why the Opposition had not been briefed on the report when the Mayor of La Linea had, the Minister denied that Ms Araujo had been briefed.”

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June 03 - Picardo Chats to Michael Portillo

picardo and portilloLast week, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo was interviewed and filmed by the BBC, as part of Michael Portillo’s show, Great Continental Railway Journeys, which is based on Michael Portillo’s 1913 copy of Bradshaw's Continental Railway Guide. Mr. Picardo chatted to Mr. Portillo on the airport runway about the History of Gibraltar.

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