• Government Grants New Lease Over Dockyard

Sep 20 - Childline Calls for Appropriate Adult Volunteers

childlineIn an effort to provide more Appropriate Adults for local charity Childline Gibraltar, the team has been ‘training the trainers’. These adults include volunteers who make themselves available at all times to support vulnerable juveniles who have been detained by the police and whose parents or carers are not available.  Appropriate Adults also assist with communication between the detained person and the police. It is important to stress that this service has been very much welcomed by the RGP and HM Customs. The Appropriate Adult role was first introduced under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, the principles of which have been adopted in Gibraltar.

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Sep 20 Ad hoc talks does not mean four sides says Government

Gibraltar GovernmentHer Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar does not share the view expressed by Spain's Minister of State Gonzalo de Benito regarding the structure for "ad hoc" dialogue that is currently under discussion between Gibraltar, the United Kingdom and Spain.

The Foreign Secretary William Hague made it clear to Mr Margallo - in writing and in agreement with the Government of Gibraltar - that his proposal for "ad hoc" talks was not for four parties (the UK, Spain, Gibraltar and the regional authorities in Andalucia) to meet alongside the EU Commission. The Foreign Secretary specifically emphasised that the proposal is for parties that are relevant to issues being discussed to be present at any such discussions. In some instances that might mean two parties meeting, or three. In some instances that may mean four or more parties. There is no fixed number and no question of the parties always being four.

It is therefore misleading for Mr de Benito to continuously refer to four parties and to give the impression that these four would meet all the time with other relevant entities joining in as and when required.

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