• Gibraltar Updates Red List Of Countries For Travel To Gibraltar
  • Gibraltar Updates Red List Of Countries For Travel To Gibraltar

    In line with the UK Government, Gibraltar will add several countries to the red list of countries for  travel to Gibraltar, with effect from 1:00pm on Friday 26th November 2021.  

    In order to safeguard the public health of Gibraltar, the following countries will be added to the red  list: 

    • Botswana 
    • Eswatini 
    • Lesotho 
    • Namibia 
    • South Africa 
    • Zimbabwe 

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Mar 08 - Cannabis Charges

magistrates courtFollowing guilty pleas on the 11th of February 2013 to charges of possession and possession with intent to supply 25 grammes of herbal cannabis and 65 grammes of cannabis resin, 39 year old Jose Marquez Hurtado, of 3 Raven House was yesterday sentenced to ten weeks imprisonment.

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Mar 08 - Government Response to Margallo Comments

margalloIn response to Spanish Foreign Minister, Jose Garcia-Margallo’s recent comments in the press, noting that he will not set foot in Gibraltar until there is a Spanish flag flying on the Rock, the Government has insisted that the comments belong to a different era ‘when there was no respect for human rights or recognition that different people can have different views and still co-exist in peace’

A statement notes, ‘his threat of taking “unilateral measures” and his reference to “permanent conflicts” between Spain and Gibraltar are out of place between two countries that are part of the European Union and that are supposed to contribute together to the cause of western defence.

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Mar 08 - Government Insists GSD Could’ve Changed Fishing Law

fishingCommenting on the Opposition’s recent statement regarding the Fishing Agreement, the Government has said that it is obvious that the new Leader of the Opposition, Daniel Feetham enjoys arguments, which go round in circles.

A statement released yesterday adds, ‘the problem with circular arguments of this kind is that the blame usually ends up squarely at the start of the chain of events with those who made the accusations in the first place.

In this case the origin lies with the fishing agreement of 1999 which was entered into by his party in Government and which is the root cause of the issue that Gibraltar faces today. The issue is now to excert Gibraltar’s jurisdiction over a group of people who have been used to flouting the law for more than ten years.

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