• Government confirms death from COVID-19

Feb 21 - Customs Expands Computer System

customsLast year, Her Majesty’s Customs Gibraltar launched the Automated System for Customs Data Yacht Portal which has effectively managed the electronic clearance of over 700 pleasure craft and 5000 passengers and crew over the past three months.

As Customs’ next step into advancing their technology, they will introduce a simplified procedure for the collection of import duty for personal imports, initially at the Parcel Post Depot and Four Corners Station, with other out-stations to follow.

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Feb 20 - Fire at City Mill Lane

fire4pm: Two City Fire Brigade Appliances are currently working to exterminate a fire in premises at 56 City Mill Lane. Water is being pumped into the building and black smoke is rising out of the windows. Staff of J-Cool Air Conditioning and Refrigeration have been evacuated.

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Feb 20 - Spanish Government Insistent on Quadrilateral Forum

spanish flagThe Spanish Government intends on insisting to the UK Government, that the trilateral forum, that allows for talks between Gibraltar, the UK and Spain, must be converted to allow for a fourth party, the Campo de Gibraltar. The PP Government has made this point before but now intends to insist it.

Europa Sur reports that the Quadrilateral Forum would include representatives from La Linea as well as representatives of the entire region. The Spanish Government claims that they no longer object to the presence of Gibraltar in meetings, but will introduce a fourth party.

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