• Arrival of Reverse Osmosis Plant
  • Arrival of Reverse Osmosis Plant

    AquaGib has announced the arrival of a new temporary reverse osmosis (RO) plant in Gibraltar. The RO plant was delivered by land from Italy in partnership with Balaena, the new owners of Gibdock who came forward and offered their immediate support in using their extensive logistics network to assist Gibraltar in its time of need.

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A&E ‘Live Feed’ of Waiting Times Now Online

The GHA says it’s pleased to launch an online ‘live feed’ of waiting times at Accident & Emergency at St Bernard’s Hospital. This web page is designed to inform members of the public of the current longest time that they can expect to wait before being treated at A&E, if their case is not urgent or life-threatening. Everyone presenting at A&E will continue to be triaged as normal.

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