• Man Arrested In Relation To Data Breach
  • Man Arrested In Relation To Data Breach

    A man was arrested at 07:40am this morning at a residence in the South District in  relation to a public enquiry regarding a data breach. The local man, 56, was arrested on suspicion of: 

    • Conspiracy to Obtain Unauthorised Access to Computer Material, Contrary to S362 Crimes Act 2011 & Crimes Act 2011.
    • Misconduct in Public Office, Contrary to Common Law
    • Unlawful Obtaining of Personal Data, Contrary to S175 Data Protection Act His arrest relates to a serious data breach.

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June 13 - Operation Roadwatch Returns

dMonday the 17th of June will see the launch of the second quarterly operation to make our roads safer, the RGP’s Operation Roadwatch. This two-week campaign is being launched with a small video clip which highlights the dangers posed to all road users by bad driving. In the video clip a young local woman, victim of a road traffic accident, relates how in a matter of seconds her life was irreversibly changed. We take this opportunity to thank her for her courage and support.

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June 13 - Unite Working Relationships Course

uuAs part of an ongoing programme to equip union representatives with the necessary skills to represent members, Unite the Union is organising an innovated two part course on improving working relationships especially collective bargaining between employers and trade unions.  This innovated programme will be in two stages.

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June 13 - Nick Cruz - Parliamentary Sign Up Message

dA statement from Nick Cruz:

This is a really exciting and fresh opportunity for Gibraltar to decide what direction it wants to take?

If as I sense there is a general frustration with the current party squabbling and politics then the answer is not eliminate party politics which has served us so well by providing clear choice, but rather change it by voting in a party, a candidate that has demonstrated for over 7 years that it is committed to constructive party politics.

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