• Deputy Chief Minister Attends Labour Party Conference in Liverpool

Polio Booster Vaccine to be Offered to All Children Aged Over 1 to Under 10 years old

Following the detection of larger than normal amounts of Polio virus in the sewage of some parts of London, and due to Gibraltar’s strong travel links with that city, the Director of Public Health has advised that a precautionary approach should be taken. A single booster dose of the Polio vaccine will, therefore, be offered to all children aged between 1 and under 10 years old.

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All Remaining Water Restrictions Lifted

For the first time since the 28th July Gibraltar’s water supply is now free from all restrictions. The fire at Powers Drive which subsequently caused all production of water to suddenly stop at Governors Cottage will now lead to a “lessons learnt” exercise to establish inter alia how the Government can achieve greater resilience in our production and supply of water to the Community.

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