• Threat Level to Remain at Moderate
  • Threat Level to Remain at Moderate

    In response to last night’s incident in Algeciras, the Gibraltar Contingency Council (GCC) met this morning, 26th January, to review security matters. The meeting was co-chaired by his Excellency the Governor and the Chief Minister.

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SNAG To Continue To Provide As Much Support To Disabled Persons And Their Families As They Possibly Can

Below follows a statement from SNAG:

2023 will bring challenges to us all in different fronts but we must reflect on the state of disability issues in Gibraltar. Some, will want you to believe that disabled persons and their families have the best services money can buy. They will will say that they have brand new schools and facilities and that the service they are given is second to none. They will proclaim that more comprehensive legislation to protect the rights of disabled persons is not needed as they believe that we are fully protected under the law and the constitution. They will make you believe that disabled persons have equal rights but this is not the reality we live in. 

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