Editor's Blog Oct 14th 2011

Editor's Blog Oct 14th 2011

 This week we’ve spent a lot of news-time learning more about the workings of the judiciary inside Gibraltar. Anabelle Desoiza’s ongoing travails against her disciplinary case is becoming more tangled than the bedraggled behind of welsh sheep. Do they or don’t they talk to each other? Well of course lawyers do, it’s how justice and plea-bargaining works; but if implications are true, maybe the dictionary definition of collusion has a different meaning here.

We also learnt this week, that the reason for some residential ID card hold-ups is the lack of plastic to print them on. Given it has been some three months waiting for my card it’ll have expired by the time I get it. Still at least it’s an excuse, up to this point I advocated the scrapping of summer hours if they cannot keep up with the work; an idea that in public service will never catch on. That would entail a productivity element in their salary instead of a just being physically in the vicinity.

 The GSLP have been in the news a lot, particularly Mr Picardo, who outlined their more open style of Government if elected; including bills ranging from bullying at work, to bribery and corruption. Not to mention, more recently, a war on drugs criminality through a higher police profile – bobbies on the beat? All well and good, as long as they are patrolling the areas they like to avoid at present; e.g. Landport ditch, Glacis, Laguna, Upper Town, Moorish Castle in fact any area where there is a high presence of criminality... unless it’s the illegal parking of an innocent car owner.

 Speaking of the GSLP I’ve also noticed this week how the press releases now include the words in capitals ‘GSLP LIBERAL’ instead of just GSLP, as we all know them to be. Joe Bossano assimilated the Liberal element some years ago. Since then they have allowed the collective to pronounce on their behalf, it’s almost Borg-like.

 The amazing thing about turn by the Chief Minister on social media was inevitable, mainly due to the enormous strides that the GSLP are making via podcasts. No matter if the GSD label them lies, at least they are watched by the youth. No doubt the addition of young GSD ‘ite’ Leanne Azzopardi to the team helped as youth are more into facebook/twitter friendly than a Luddite lawyer with over 16 years as a politician under his belt. Welcome to the 21st century Pete.

In Spain, the first attempt at 3-sided football went ahead almost as stupidly as the UK’s new attempt at non-scoring football at a school in London. ‘Who cares who wins?’ is the new approach to sport in a country that is crying out for some balls, as the kids get fatter, the need to let everyone win gets ever more nonsensical.

Someone please pass me the laudanum … sorry that’s Luddite for diazapan.

Enjoy the Weekend