Editor's Blog Nov 28th 2011

Traffic and tribulations

 There’s nothing like Mondays to test one’s patience, be it the early morning chill, the return to the week’s routines or even just the quality of the coffee as you stare bleary eyed into the abyss of an intransigent Microsoft excel document that. Just… Wont... Calculate!

 With that said there’s nothing that induces a more exquisite rage, then the traffic in Gibraltar. I understand that “traffic” is something of a generalisation, but I find it’s the only way to put it, as the issues are so pervasive in every area of that department; if it were a person, this is where the family would be tearfully pulling the plug on its convulsing, disease-ridden body.

 Perhaps I’m exaggerating somewhat, but it is Monday after all, and I don’t even drive. I did however begin my morning walk to the office greeted by the sight of a silver Honda Civic, parked right in the way of the exit to my building. The parker, in his enthusiasm at finding a space, didn’t feel the need to simply use the space itself, but save a little room for the motorcyclists behind him by mounting the pavement. So the lowly pedestrians and residents of the building get to begin their day with a little climb.

 I must confess, I drew the slightest bit of satisfaction when, on sliding down the bonnet, I heard the shriek of paintwork being scratched by the button on my back pocket.

 I’d like to say my observations ended with that, but as I crossed the “Theatre Royal Bar” another of Gibraltar’s crack-a-jack drivers was engaging in conversation with one of the pedestrians, chatting idly about their plans for the holidays whilst also blocking all three lanes of the intersection, I stopped for a few moments to watch this drama. As more and more cars queued up and honked, it did nothing to dent the driver’s enthusiasm for conversation.

 For the adventurous sort, you don’t even have to stop to have a gab, there’s plenty of times where I’ll see pairs of scooters driving side-by-side, screaming conversation at each other over the sounds of their own motors. Well… they did say you shouldn’t talk on the phone and drive, I imagine it’s entirely the fault of legislation not being specific enough.

 There are all the usual issues on top of this, the lack of parking, the drivers who insist on owning two cars and a 4x4 in a place built to hold one car and no 4x4s. Most important is the fact that any idiot with a fiver can get a learner’s license. That’s probably what breeds this stupidity, people get enough experience with the “Driving” part during their stint as a learner, and that’s enough to pass a test these days, as long as you don’t crash. It’s the “Driving Reponsibly” part that some people need a bit of tutoring on. Maybe there needs to be a little more involvement on that side of things before handing out the learner’s licenses eh?


Here’s to a smashing Monday