Editor's Blog Dec 09th 2011

The Aftermath

It’s been a hard won victory for the GSLP/Libs and perhaps a worthy battle too, with the campaign polls initially giving a wide margin for victory to the GSLP/libs, the majority of the time has seen the gap close and close to a 2 percent difference in votes between the two parties. What follows now is where it gets interesting…

 Now the aftermath of an election is a tricky time for the public, especially when the electorate has been as evenly split as has been shown. The passion and the loyalty that voters take with them in this event is a mark of pride, but this quality gets turned on it’s head somewhat when all is said and done. For the winners, there’s a temptation to poke, to say “I told you so” poking leads to provoking and suddenly the winners aren’t giving the best impression. To the losers, do not despair, it is too early to say whether or not it’s a bad thing, all we can know at this point, is that this new party is different, and it is for time and history to judge whether it is good.

 Finally, to both these demographics I say, we are all neighbors, friends, even family, don’t let it divide you and instead look at how the differing views will ultimately broaden your perspective, in something like politics there is no one “right” answer, and it very often comes down to personal taste over the specific this percent over that percent on one policy or another.

 As I’ve said earlier; change for change’s sake isn’t inherently good, but then again, they also say ‘variety is the spice of life’ and I must say that after 16 years of an admittedly competent government, which I have personally admired and seen the good it’s done, it is nonetheless a refreshing change, and good to see the positive reactions from all around.

 It remains to be seen how this aftermath will play out, but for now all I can say is Gibraltar is still standing, we’ve weathered this storm and we have a weekend to look forward to. Get out there and enjoy it!