Editor's Blog Dec 14th 2011

It’s GBC Open Day

 It’s the one-day of the year that we know we are in for a treat with GBC’s programming being all about their Open Day. So many different groups and organisations work hard all year round to help raise money and contribute towards the GBC Open Day.

 YGTV has covered some of these events, including the Fashion Show by the Miss Winter 2011 organisers.

 It’s a great feeling to see community spirit coming together in such a way, especially to help some great causes.

 More importantly we all look forward to the Telethon this evening. Having myself been live on air once before, I know how much of a daunting experience it is, especially with tongue in cheek presenters like Ben Lynch who made the experience extra special for me… Thanks again Ben.

 NatWest always give us something good to look forward to. Their Christmas video for Open Day always goes down a treat, with this year set to be even better than last. Hopefully this is true and we look forward to seeing it.

 The GBC Open Day is for a great cause so we do recommend that you help out, do your part and help them raise money. I hear there are some great prizes to be won as well, so if you are going past the Piazza today during the day drop by and make a bid on one of the great gifts that are up for grabs.

 Good luck to the GBC team, it’s going to be a long day… but let’s face it, we all love it.