Editor's Blog Jan 06th 2012

Beer Belly Issues

Body Image, it's not just something that affects women. I read an article in the British press where The Centre for Appearance Research at UWE studied the responses of 384 British men with an average age of 40. The biggest body issue for them was their "beer belly" and lack of muscles. (“I had one of them, it wasn’t pretty”). Thirty-five percent of respondents said they would trade a year of their life to achieve their ideal body weight or shape.

Because of our mostly sedentary lifestyles and high calorific intake, it is very easy to become the person described above once you hit your mid thirties.

Although the study was conducted in the UK, you only have to look around Main Street to see that the problem is also evident here in Gibraltar, at least physically.

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Editor's Blog Jan 05th 2012

The Madness Of January Sales.

Your wallet or purse has not yet had time to cool down from the pre-Christmas spend. It is still glowing red and smoking like the six barrel Gatling gun in the predator movie, but yet, when we start to see those large red 50% off signs in the shop windows, we are almost possessed by a madness to acquire what in essence nobody wanted two weeks ago.

I really think the January sales are a con; it is the retail business’s equivalent of a spring clean! Do we really need three more pairs of shoes or that gadget that has an operating manual that is bigger than a New York City telephone directory?

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Editor's Blog Jan 04th 2012

Street Justice

Every morning I walk into town via Land Port Tunnel, every morning I have to run the gauntlet of vagrants lining the walls of the tunnel, with their little boxes with a few copper coins put in them for effect.

Some are musicians, to a degree, while others have all the musical talent of a fish with a trombone! 

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Editor's Blog Jan 03rd 2012

It's 2012

The New Year arrived with the usual bang, and for some, a banging headache the following morning. I however remained compos mentis.

I had promised myself that I would try and wake up on the first day of the year with a clear head and a spring in my step. The people I shared the end of the year with were pretty like minded, a couple of drinks, a bit of dancing and a running commentary on the festivities down at Casemates.

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Editor's Blog Dec 22nd 2011

3 days till Christmas

When did that happen? I can remember New Year’s Eve like it was yesterday and it seems that 2011 has vanished in the mean time. Not impressed!

But what a year it has been, we set up Your Gibraltar TV, and that’s something to be proud of for the year. Taking the time to look back and revisit the past year is often a scary process. You realise some of the things you have done you probably shouldn’t have, some things you wanted to do, you never did and most importantly how did your New Year’s resolutions go. I don’t know how many times I have made up a list of things I would start and things I would stop doing in the New Year.

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