Editor's Blog Nov 23rd 2011

A Blog a day keeps the Blaggers at Bay – UK

I headed off to the UK for the weekend, Portsmouth to be precise. I was invited, as usual, to attend the Portsmouth Open Karate Tournament. The tournament is part homage to my friends and those that still partake in competition, and part reminiscence for the days I partook in such competitions, with very limited success I might add.

I took video footage and it will be on the yourgibraltartv.com website this week for you to check out, along with a voice-over by yours truly.

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Editor's Blog Nov 16th 2011


 Or rather, no smoking; UK news this morning reported that they are about to ban smoking in vehicles: i.e. your car. Now at first this may be a shocker to you, the independent, private, smog inducing free citizen. It is most definitely your car and your body, but I’m guessing your car isn’t a single-seater; maybe you are a parent or a grandparent. What about the health of your passengers I ask.

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Editor's Blog Nov 11th 2011

Editor's Blog Nov 11th 2011 - Poppies

  An amazing fact it’s the 11/11/11 but it’s not really, its 2011, but you know how people love to get into numerology. Still it is significant; in so much as it is the day our forces poppy sellers take to the streets and if you haven’t got one already, you can buy one, lose it by lunchtime and buy another one or two before you get home. It’s the bloody pins - they don’t stay in. Still it is a day I’ve known all my life and watching the cenotaph parade in London as a child it somehow brings that pride in one’s country that is often sadly lacking in these modern times. Nothing like a good conflict to rally the troops I suppose.

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Editor's Blog Nov 08th 2011

Editor's Blog Nov 08th 2011 - Highway Enforcement.

  The powers are through, or so I’m led to believe, and the Highways Enforcement Agency is now waving powers of ticketing. Not content with trying to stare you down when you drive slowly past, almost daring you to stop and contemplate parking; they now also hover at bus stops and the odd licensed parking permit area.

This morning I saw them walking down Devils Tower Road in twos, as if this part of town is some sort of ghetto; I imagine they walk 4 abreast through Laguna or in the Upper town, maybe tooled up with a space pen and non-slip ink!

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Editor's Blog Nov 02nd 2011

Editor's Blog Nov 02nd 2011 - Cars/Bikes

On the way home yesterday, finishing far later than I wanted, I cycled along Fish Market Lane. I did this for 2 reasons; firstly I didn’t want to go through Casemates on my bike, like many people, it annoys me, and secondly it was dark and I had no lights. So off I go and along the Lane, out pops the policeman. Now I don’t have a problem because he was right, there was some mitigation but alas, I had to walk, at least until I was in Laguna estate. The point is that I never see anyone getting picked up elsewhere; yesterday I was walking behind a woman cycling down Irish Town all along the street in broad daylight and not even a single policeman or woman. Across casemates the same, it drives me mental... me on a dark and quiet street... nabbed.

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