Oct 08 - Gibraltar Multiple Sclerosis Society Awareness Day

gmmsThis Saturday, the Gibraltar Multiple Sclerosis Society will host an awareness day, with stands to be manned in the Piazza, Casemates Square and opposite the Convent. The flag day will run from 10:30 am to 2:30pm with patients, carers and society supporters available to hand out leaflets and talk to individuals who wish to know more about the society or the condition.

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Oct 08 - BabySTEPPS Maternity Ward Donation

babysteppsLocal Charity BabySTEPPs aims to lend support and care to new parents suffering bereavement following baby loss. The charity has this year raised over £10,000, earmarking 10% of this for research into pregnancy health. These funds have been donated the ‘RESCUE’ project, which studies the best way to treat women who are threatened with premature labour at a stage in pregnancy where delivery would mean that the baby could not survive.

Thanks to financial support provided by the Kusuma Trust, the charity partook in a 3-day training session with a senior member of UK charity SANDS, which deals with Stillbirth and Neonatal Death.

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Oct 04 - A 20,000 KM Journey on a 125 cc Motorbike – London to Johannesburg for Help for Heroes

help for heroes Former soldier, Will Moore has embarked on a 20,000-kilometre challenge that will see him travel from London to Johannesburg on a 125 cc motorbike. In an effort to raise money for injured war soldiers through the Help for Heroes charity.

Will embarked on his solo adventure last month and is currently well on his way to stopping off in Gibraltar, where he will take the ferry to Tangier and continue his journey through impoverished African countries, as well as a large chunk of the Sahara Desert.

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Oct 01 - Government Condemns Spain's 'Hatred Against Gibraltarians' - Commissions Investigation into Spanish Incitement to Hatred

spanish flagThe Government has insisted that it takes a very serious view of the campaign of hostility against Gibraltar and its people, which continues in Spain.

This follows a series of irresponsible and untrue accusations made by Ministers and officials of the Spanish state against Gibraltar, which have in turn predictably been exaggerated further by certain sectors of the Spanish media and have now sparked off a climate of hatred against Gibraltarians.

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