• Grace 1 Detention Extended By 30 Days
  • Grace 1 Detention Extended By 30 Days

    The Government of Gibraltar has confirmed that, at a private meeting of the Supreme Court on an application by the Attorney General, the Court has extended the period of detention of the vessel, Grace 1.

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Crime Report For 13th June 2012

Gibraltar Crime ReportRGP Media Report 46

From the hour of 07:00 on the 13th June, to 07:00 on the 14th June, the following occurred:



1x person arrested for obstructing police

1x person arrested for possession of an offensive weapon

2x persons arrested on suspicion of taking a conveyance

1x person arrested threatening behaviour

2x persons arrested for making off without payment

1x person arrested for drunk and disorderly

1 x person arrested for making a disturbance



1x report of threatening behaviour

1x report of burglary

1x report of insulting words

1 report of making off without payment



No traffic accidents were reported to police over this period.