Couple Arrested On European Arrest Warrant

RGP officers have arrested a man and a woman on the strength of a European Warrant of Arrest (EAW) issued in April this year by the Vice Public Prosecutor at the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Bordeaux, France, in relation to money laundering offences and participation in a conspiracy for the purposes of preparing offences.

Moroccan national Zakariaa EL ABDALLAOUI, 32, a Moroccan national resident in Tetouan, Morocco, was arrested on Sunday night at the Ferry Terminal. He had travelled to Gibraltar on the Tangier ferry and was flagged-up as his passport was scanned by Immigration officials, who then informed police.

Chaimae El FAHASSI, a local resident of Moroccan descent and British nationality, was arrested on 9th September. Following the arrest of Abdallaoui the previous day, Fraud Squad officers commenced enquiries that established the existence of an EAW in her name.

Both individuals were detained in police custody pending their appearance before the Magistrates’ Court this afternoon.