Two Spanish Nationals In Custody Following Jet-Ski Chase

The RGP say two Spanish nationals from Ceuta are in custody following a jet-ski pursuit in local waters yesterday evening. A third man managed to escape after jumping ashore at the Mediterranean Rowing Club and running away on foot through Edinburgh House. 

A statement from the RGP follows below:

The Guardia Civil had been chasing the two jet-skis with its three occupants suspected of drug trafficking from the Getares area, and notified the RGP that the suspects were heading for BGTW. 

The three were spotted in the harbour area and when challenged by RGP Marine Section officers sped away to evade capture. 

Two of them were subsequently arrested by police and customs officers for dangerous navigation, obstructing police and handling stolen goods. 

The men aged 40 and 25 continue to be in custody helping police with inquiries. 

Customs, Gibraltar Squadron and GDP assisted the RGP during the operation. 

Meanwhile, earlier in a separate incident pleasure craft users had reported the sighting of bales of suspected cannabis resin floating in the sea 1.5 nautical miles off Europa Point. 

Another local fisherman who had spotted one of the bales handed it over to the RGP at Cormorant Wharf. The Gibraltar Squadron also picked up another one and handed it to the RGP. 

A total of three bales of suspected cannabis resin are in police custody. 

The search for the third jet-ski occupant continues and the RGP is liaising with the Guardia Civil in relation to offences committed by the detainees in Spain. 

RGP Commissioner Richard Ullger praised the good work of local law enforcement agencies. 

He said: “I wish to express my gratitude for the efficient work and the great joint collaboration between the RGP, the Customs Department, Gibraltar Defence Police, Gibraltar Port Authority and Gibraltar Squadron (Royal Navy), in keeping our waters safe and in ensuring that all suspected criminal activity is challenged. The cooperation between all the local law enforcement agencies is essential in our tireless drive to uphold the law.”