Jan 30 - Easterly Winds Art Exhibition Opens In Cadiz

The Minister for Culture, Steven Linares, yesterday opened an exhibition at the ‘Palacio de la Diputación Provincial de Cadiz’, featuring 17 Gibraltarian artists. The platform is a cultural art exchange between the Government of Gibraltar and Diputación de Cadiz.

The project, ‘Easterly Winds’, is led and curated by Magda Bellotti with Seamus Byrne, CEO at Gibraltar Cultural Services overseeing the exchange on behalf of the Government of Gibraltar. TheDiputación was represented by its Vice President Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix and its Cultural Delegate Salvador Puerto Aguilar.

Minister Linares said:

‘Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar is delighted to support ‘Easterly Winds’ as a cultural exchange between Gibraltar and Cádiz. Gibraltar will continue to have its doors open to Spain and to the rest of the world, for any exchange, as Gibraltar always moves forward.

“I have no doubt this cultural exchange will encourage new opportunities and future collaborations between the two countries whether educational, cultural, sport, tourism, or leisure for that matter. This will allow us to open new doors for all our citizens.”

The second phase of the project will see artists from Cádiz coming to Gibraltar, with the opportunity to exhibit their works. It will take place at the Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery during March.