Users Can Set Up Beach Furniture Evening Before National Day - But No Cordoning Off Areas

Those who wish to spend National Day at the beach will be allowed to set up umbrellas, tables and chairs on the evening of Monday 9th September but the Government asks them to refrain from cordoning off areas.

A statement continued: “Members of the public are hereby advised that the Lifeguard Service at Public Beaches will conclude on Sunday 15th September 2019; this being the last day during which this service will be active.

“The Department of the Environment, Heritage and Climate Change would like to take this opportunity to inform the public that the setting up of beach furniture overnight is not an authorised practice.

“Nonetheless, as in previous years, beach goers wishing to set up in preparation for National Day will be allowed to do so on the preceding evening, that is, Monday 9th September 2019 but not earlier. We urge all beach goers, appealing to their sense of community, to refrain from setting up or cordoning off areas of public beach any earlier, as this would only cause unnecessary disruptions to the daily beach operation. Firstly, it would prevent the adequate cleaning of the beaches and then it could cause unnecessary inconvenience and pose a danger to beach users, creating delays in the access to the shoreline in the case of an emergency.

“We thank all beach goers for their co-operation and wishing them all an enjoyable National Day.”