New Street Art Murals

Gibraltar Cultural Services, on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment, Energy, Climate Change & Education and the Ministry of Culture, the Media, Youth & Sport has announced the successful applicants for the creation of two further street art murals. These are:

Prince Edward’s Gates – Eleanor Taylor Dobbs (pictured above)

The inspiration for the artist’s “Old Soldiers’ View’ mural comes from the “multi- layered history of Gibraltar as if perceived at the Gate, 1790”. The artist aims to create a romantic landscape of ruins, defences, and distant views within the closed and dimly lit tunnel. It will be painted in sepia tones have a strong narrative and emotionally evoke the past whilst making references to today.

Department of Education Façade – Geraldine Martinez (pictured below)

“Touch the earth gently for all is connected”
The idea behind this mural is that we’re all connected. The artist wants to create a ‘trompe l’oeil’ (visual illusion) effect as if we have knocked down the wall of the building revealing a garden paradise. Mother Nature blessing the earth with her touch.... The message that we need to look after our planet because every action carries a consequence.

This street art initiative, forms part of the Government’s urban regeneration and cultural development programme. The art projects and creation of these street murals will commence shortly.