YDS “Disappointed" By Miss Gibraltar Tender News

YDS, the company that produced the Miss Gibraltar show last year, have said that they are “disappointed” to learn via the media that this year's pageant will be produced by a local production company.

YDS claims that this has not been “awarded via the normal tender process as in previous years.”

A statement continued: “This direct allocation has not allowed YDS, nor other interested producers, to submit a bid for one of Gibraltar’s most anticipated local productions.

“Furthermore YDS has at no point received any official feedback, been advised of this change nor given the opportunity to consider continuing or not to produce the pageant following on from the success of the 2019 pageant.

“However YDS would like to thank the community for the generous support shown during and after the 2019 Miss Gibraltar production and sincerely appreciates all the positive feedback and wonderful words of congratulations received.

“YDS will continue to pursue new ventures and opportunities to provide quality entertainment to the community and wishes the producer all the best for Miss Gibraltar 2020.”

In response to these claims, the Minister for Culture Dr John Cortes said: “We are organising it for ourselves via GCS. The production is all we are outsourcing."