Shyanne McIntosh Signs Up For Miss Gibraltar

Shyanne McIntosh has signed up for this year’s Miss Gibraltar. She signed up with three other contestants on Friday evening. The recruitment stage is now over and a total of twelve contestants have now put their names down. This is her individual profile.

FULL NAME:  Shyanne McIntosh

AGE:  21        

STAR SIGN:  Capricorn

OCCUPATION:  Cashier and rates administrator



LANGUAGES SPOKEN:  English and Spanish.

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Travel, Fashion and Beauty.

AMBITION: To further my career within the accounting industry.

WHY HAVE YOU ENTERED THE PAGEANT: Having previously taken part in a pageant, I am aware of the confidence boost this can give you and all the personal and mental growth it can bring. I recently went through a pretty tough time and thought this would be the perfect way to focus on myself and raise awareness for some charities very close to my heart. 

WHY WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE MISS GIBRALTAR: Although becoming Miss Gibraltar seems nothing but a dream, I would use this opportunity to encourage girls to feel good in their own skin and show them that you don’t need to be what society deems perfect in order to achieve your goals. I think it’s important to you your beauty in a positive way to help society and not just for personal gain.