MAG Reacts To Song Festival Postponement

The Musicians Association of Gibraltar (MAG) has reacted to the postponement of the Gibraltar International Song Festival due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

The association says that it is “frustrating” for local musicians to see such a festival take place every year “providing little to no information on how to register.” 

MAG says it believes that this festival “should be transparent and serve the purpose which we believe was created for, this is none other that to open an opportunity to songwriters to share their music to a wide audience.” 

A statement continued: “Unfortunately, the majority of our members are unaware of entry dates and it is clear by the look for their Facebook page and their website that little has been done to promote this event. MAG believes that this event clearly needs to work in promoting local talent and the best way in doing so is by informing musicians of this opportunity.  We are convinced that a new approach will result in more local entries and at the same time local musicians will be given an incentive to record their own material.  Whether they make it to the finals or not, the community and musicians will benefit from having more music out there for all to hear. 

“The Musicians Association of Gibraltar would be happy in future to assist the Gibraltar Song Festival organisers to ensure that our members and every other local musician is aware on registration dates and offer any support needed.  We believe in a fair system where everyone will have an equal opportunity to submit their songs and be considered by a transparent and professional panel.  We invite organisers to consider our suggestion and to contact MAG in order to work together as we believe both the Festival and Musicians will benefit from this.”