Jul 26 - Defenders of Gibraltar Urges Police to Maintain Current Stance on Guardia Civil Incursions

defendersLocal pressure group, the Defenders of Gibraltar today congratulated the Royal Gibraltar Police, along with the Gibraltar Defence Police and Royal Navy for ‘exhibiting such professionalism, tenacity, courage and teamwork in the face of such difficult circumstances,’ during yesterday’s incident just off the runway.

The group continues, ‘yesterday’s unfortunate situation was caused by the Spanish Guardia Civil attempting to fan the flames of an already tense political situation, and its failed attempts to intimidate and harass our law enforcement and assert executive authority in BGTW amounted to a victory you were key to achieving.

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Jul 26 - Tug Boat Incident to be Handled Through Normal Diplomatic Channels – Says Governor

governorCommenting on yesterday’s incident in bay that saw Guardia Civil vessels attempting to interfere with works being carried out by a tug to create an artificial reef in the area of British Gibraltar Territorial Waters, just off the runway, His Excellency the Governor insisted that the operation was completely within the ‘constitutional responsibility and competence of the Government of Gibraltar.’

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Jul 26 - Barclays to Close 18 Andalucia Branches

barclaysThis week Barclays announced that a significant number of Andalucian branches would be closed down. The Olive Press reports that company prides itself on product innovation, and believes that local branches are not the future of their operation.

It was also revealed that 35% of branches across the country would also be shut down with over 1000 jobs cut. The branch wishes to focus on changing their offerings, using technology and providing what customers need.

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Jul 26 Infection Not Caused By Sewage

Western Beach GibraltarMonday’s press release by the Environmental Safety Group (ESG) regarding an infection acquired by a young man on a wound was factually incorrect.

Government has been able to ascertain that, contrary to the ESG’s remarks, St Bernard’s Hospital made no statement about this or any other infection. It appears that the report was based on comments made to the patient by one of the clinicians and that this information was not confirmed nor backed up by firm laboratory results.

From the outset there was no evidence that the infection in question had been acquired at Western Beach. In fact, the GHA Laboratory has informed the Ministry for Health and the Environment that the micro-organisms identified from the infected wounds were not those associated with faeces.

The brief from the Laboratory, which also tests the water from Western Beach three times a week, states:

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Gibraltar Crime Report For 25th July

rgpRGP Media Report

From 0700hrs Thursday the 25//07/2013 to 0700hrs Friday the 26/07/2013.


4 Reports of Theft.

1 Report of Criminal Damage.

1 Report of Intentional Harassment, Alarm or Distress.

1 Report of Making Off Without Payment.

1 Report of Improper Use of Public Electronic Communications.

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