Jul 26 - Tectonic Plate Movement to Result in the Closing of the Strait

bay of gibraltarIn an article published by Hydrogeologist Scott Johnson, for ‘art technica’ it is suggested that the tectonic plate separating Africa and the Bay of Gibraltar is slowly moving under another.

Mr. Johnson claims that Africa is heading for a collision with Europe, eventually closing the Strait. He adds that the rocks along the shoreline of the Strait are actually on the oceanic plate trapped between the two continents. It is noted that this part of the plate continues to also move west toward the Atlantic.

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Jul 26 - Defenders of Gibraltar Urges Police to Maintain Current Stance on Guardia Civil Incursions

defendersLocal pressure group, the Defenders of Gibraltar today congratulated the Royal Gibraltar Police, along with the Gibraltar Defence Police and Royal Navy for ‘exhibiting such professionalism, tenacity, courage and teamwork in the face of such difficult circumstances,’ during yesterday’s incident just off the runway.

The group continues, ‘yesterday’s unfortunate situation was caused by the Spanish Guardia Civil attempting to fan the flames of an already tense political situation, and its failed attempts to intimidate and harass our law enforcement and assert executive authority in BGTW amounted to a victory you were key to achieving.

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Jul 26 - Tug Boat Incident to be Handled Through Normal Diplomatic Channels – Says Governor

governorCommenting on yesterday’s incident in bay that saw Guardia Civil vessels attempting to interfere with works being carried out by a tug to create an artificial reef in the area of British Gibraltar Territorial Waters, just off the runway, His Excellency the Governor insisted that the operation was completely within the ‘constitutional responsibility and competence of the Government of Gibraltar.’

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