Feb 05 - Photo Competition Winner – Day 17

lighthouseToday’s winner of the YGTV Daily Photograph Competition is Francis Noguera, with his shot of the Europa Point Lighthouse, as seen through one of the many caves found in the Rock. The photo was taken with a Nikon D7000.

The light streaming in through the cave entrance gives the image a warm undertone, reminiscent of long Gibraltar Summer evenings. The outline of the entrance also frames the lighthouse in a way that is pleasant for the eye.

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Feb 05 - Daniel Feetham - New GSD Leader

feethamYesterday evening, the GSD Executive voted to make former Deputy Leader of the party, Daniel Feetham, the new Leader of the Party. Following his appointment, he gave this statement:

‘Firstly, I would like to thank Damon Bosssino for putting his name forward and demonstrating that anointments of political party leaders in stage-managed meetings are for others. Mr. Bossino is, and remains, a valued and important member of an experienced and talented Parliamentary Opposition, which over the next three years will, I hope, discharge the constitutional duties of Her Majesty’s Opposition in a way that earns the respect and confidence of the people of Gibraltar, as the alternative government. 

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Feb 05 - PDP on Parking

pdpThe PDP yesterday claimed that following a whole year in office, the Government has yet to put forward a credible traffic and parking plan which will help alleviate congestion, provide environmentally sensible alternatives, encourage less use of cars, and provide cost effective parking for those who need or want to use their cars.

The Party insists that it would like to find a modern and environmentally – friendly solution to the parking problem. They claim, ‘We need to continue to increase the incentive for people to use state of the art public transport such as the free bus service or to choose to walk or cycle. Gibraltar is not yet sufficiently pedestrian or cycle friendly and the Government should invest in making it so. In a small place like Gibraltar where a free bus service is available there is no reason why we should still be witnessing tailbacks and congestion on a daily basis. Car sharing to work should be encouraged when more often than not there is a lone driver in a car.

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Feb 04 - Thomson Cruises Visit

costaFollowing the recent visit by representatives from Carnival UK, two more cruise company executives arrive in Gibraltar today on a familiarisation visit. Neil Duncan, General Manager - Marketing and Planning, and Jacqui Nobile, Port and Shore Excursion Operations Manager of Thomson Cruises are here to experience first-hand what Gibraltar can offer their ships and passengers on a cruise call.

Minister for Tourism, Commercial Affairs, Public Transport and the Port, Neil Costa, met with Thomson Cruises at their UK headquarters last year to discuss ways in which the number of calls to Gibraltar by Thomson's ships could be increased and how we could develop the shore excursions offered to passengers.

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Feb 04 - Between a Rock and a Dirty Place

clean-upThis weekend, members of the Laguna Youth Club, along with the Community Committee and the RGP Neighbourhood Policing Unit cleaned up the rubbish that had accumulated in the area between the estate and the Rock. Minister Dr. John Cortes and Steven Linares also joined in the clean up.

The team was provided with overalls, safety helmets and gloves, by GJBS and Master Service. Minister Cortes noted that the initiative was a local one, but was also consistent with the aims of the Government’s Litter Committee. 

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