May 30 - Ballymena and Gibraltar Lions Club Twinning Ceremony

lions clubMarking the twinning ceremony of the Gibraltar and Ballymena Lions Clubs last night, His Worship the Mayor Tony Lima hosted a reception re-uniting members of both clubs who had built friendships through formerly liaising through the clubs.

The Reception was also attended by a number of representatives of the Lions Clubs from neighbouring Towns and Cities, including Sr. Jose Manuel Garcia Caballero of District No.116-B Spain as well as Mayoress of La Linea, Sra. Gemma Araujo. The Chief Minister was also present.

Speaking at the Twinning, His Worship the Mayor noted that he was deeply honoured to have been asked by the Lions Fraternity to preside over the Ceremony and Witness the signing of the Twinning Documents.

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May 30 - Opposition Once Again Calls for Straight Answers from Government

gsdThe GSD has today insisted that the Government’s latest response on the Floating Hotel is very telling, but by what it does not say. The Opposition continues to question the Government on whether they have granted any soft loans in relation to or invested in the Floating Hotel as well as what the total cost of the project is to the Gibraltar tax payer. The Party claims that the Government has refused to answer these questions and therefore quickly renegaded on its commitment to openness and transparency.

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May 29 - David Phelps Wins Gibraltar Target Shooting Open Championship

shootingThe Gibraltar Target Shooting Association this weekend held their Gibraltar Open Championship 2013. Overall winner of the Open was David Phelps of Wales, who proved to be the most consistent over the three days and racked up the most 100s.

The Association claimed that David, the Commonwealth Champion ‘led a cool campaign in a variety of wind and lighting conditions, whilst being humble enough to give advice to the less experienced competitors. A worthy winner and great sportsman. Neil Almond and Martyn Payne, both of England came in second and third place respectively both having shot strongly over the three day event.

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May 29 - The GSLP New Dawn: GBC, Another Broken Promise

Gibraltar GSDHaving questioned the independence of the recent GBC Board appointments, the Government's response to the Opposition (as is now customary) is to basically say "we are only doing what you did when you were previously in Government so don't complain."

Well, the Opposition, and indeed the electorate that voted the Government into office, has every right to complain. The GSLP fought the general election on a ticket of transparency, accountability and a promise of a New Dawn in local politics. Now that they are in Government, every time they are criticised by the GSD and held accountable, they try to deflect attention by either blaming the previous Administration or suggesting that the GSD did the same.

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