YGTV Elections 11 - The Count

We are only hours away from finding out the results of the 2011 Gibraltar Elections now. It seems to a tight battle and hopefully we will see who comes out on top very soon. it's been a long campaign, it's been a long day and it's been a long night. 

Election Day 2011 - 08 12 2011

The Elections are finally here. All 3 parties have been hitting the campaign road hard and fast over the past few months. Now is judgement day and it is all down to YOU. The polling stations are open all day till 10pm tonight. Your vote does make a difference. 

Enjoy a quick interview with all the leaders from this morning when they went to vote. No need to wonder who they voted for...

Robert Vasquez - 06 12 2011 - Elections '11 Coverage

The Elections are on Thursday this week and it would seem that some "dirty tactics" are being pulled at the last minute. Robert Vasquez gives us his opinion on the latest revelations. Remember that if you have a political view and would like to be on Your Gibraltar TV then we look forward to hearing from you.

Your Gibraltar TV continues to cover the Elections ’11 campaign and so we meet again with political blogger, Robert Vasquez, in the first of 7 shows. Every day in the build-up to Polling Day we will be catching up with Robert to see what he thinks of the campaign and catch up with all the latest details of what’s going on in the political arena.

Remember Robert is a keen blogger so if you want to read more of his thoughts, visit http://llanitoworld.blogspot.com/