Jun 23 - ERG Calls On Government To Reform Drugs Legislation

Jun 23 - ERG Calls On Government To…

The Equality Rights Group...

Jun 23 - Integral Yoga Centre Celebrated World Yoga Day

Jun 23 - Integral Yoga Centre Celeb…

Taster sessions were avai...

Jun 23 – Man Wanted For Drug Trafficking Set To Be Extradited From Gibraltar

Jun 23 – Man Wanted For Drug Traffi…

A British man, who arrive...

Jun 23 – Gibraltar Takes Gold In Special Olympics Football Tournament

Jun 23 – Gibraltar Takes Gold In Sp…

On the second day of the ...

Jun 23 - GSD Says Chief Minister “Failed To Secure Frontier Fence”

Jun 23 - GSD Says Chief Minister “F…

The GSD says that the “in...

Jun 23 – Regiment Recruit Completes Training

Jun 23 – Regiment Recruit Completes…

Private James Azzopradi h...

Jun 23 - National Dance Team All Set For Dance World Cup In Germany

Jun 23 - National Dance Team All Se…

The Gibraltar National Da...

Jun 23 - GSD Condemns “Lack Of Transparency” On Rebates

Jun 23 - GSD Condemns “Lack Of Tran…

The GSD has said that the...

Jun 23 - RGP: Warehouse Employees Were Tied Up During Alleged New Harbours Robbery

Jun 23 - RGP: Warehouse Employees W…

At about 5.15pm on Wednes...

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Lek Bangkok – A taste of south east Asia here in Gibraltar

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Gibraltar Restaurant Guide - Lek Bangkok

If you live in Gibraltar and like Thai food, then you already know all about Lek Bangkok. The restaurant was opened in 2006 and has become a firm favourite for so many locals here in Gibraltar. Be it a quick takeaway, quick lunch or a sit down meal, Lek, Feed and their team look after you 100% all the time.

Feed and Lek are a husband and wife team, with more experience in cooking, restaurants and the hotel business than you can even begin to imagine. Their friendly and caring style has made them two of the best business owners in Gibraltar and has been the key to their success.

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Gibraltar Restaurant Guide

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YGTV Lifestyle – Restaurant Guide

Just like the rest of Gibraltar, Gibraltar’s restaurants have a lot to offer, culturally the country has so many influences that it is not surprising that you can find everything from typically Spanish cuisine through to fusion Thai and Malaysian style noodles and of course traditional fish and chips.

The same multi-cultural community that lives together eats together and the wide variety of foods comes down to the rich diversity that the Gibraltar offers. The Moroccan community are represented and offer some of the best Cous Cous and pinchitos that you can find on the rock. If that’s not your idea of a good night out in a Gibraltar restaurant, why not try a Chicken Jalfrezi from one of the great Indian restaurants in Gibraltar or alternatively takeaway and eat in the comfort of your own home.

Eating during sunset facing west at Jumpers wheel in Gibraltar is a great experience. The restaurant offers a wide variety of fresh fish and Is always a firm favourite with parties here in Gibraltar. Of course, breakfast at sunrise in the Caleta hotel can’t be ignored either. Their restaurant Nunoz is a great place to dine out in the evening.

You can eat in the old town, you can eat in one of the Gibraltar Marinas, the choice is there and it’s up to you to make it. Here at Your Gibraltar TV we wanted to show you the options available and, if we can, bring you great offers on new places to eat. Try the red curry in brandy sauce at Lek Bangkok for a true taste of Thailand, or the Chicken, chorizo and jamon pasta at Café Rojo, the choice is yours.

It’s not just about eating out; takeaways are vast in Gibraltar and range away from the usual kebab and chips, although there are some great kebab shops to. Why not get a Chinese to take home, peeking duck with pancakes, a firm favourite from the Kowloon in Watergardens.

The Gibraltar Restaurant Guide from Your Gibraltar TV is purely based on our opinion, but as being part of the Your Gibraltar TV site and concept, we are always looking for your feedback, comments and views. Should you choose to leave any feedback, please be polite. 

Biancas – Gibraltar’s Iconic Restaurant

  • Hits: 2800

When looking for a truly iconic Gibraltar restaurant you need look no further than Biancas in Marina Bay; the original waterfront restaurant.

Biancas opened its doors in 1979. Boasting views of the bay and marina from its quayside location, many locals and visitors regularly choose to dine on the outdoor terrace area to watch the sun set behind the cornucopia of boats and seafaring vessels as they gently undulate at their moorings. There are few better locations for a realistically priced, friendly and delicious dining experience within Gibraltar.

Serving up a variety of sumptuous starters and main dishes, ranging from seafood, to meats, speciality pizzas and salads, Biancas has a plate to suit all tastes. In fact, some say that the reason that Biancas has been so successful over the last three decades is because it has barely changed its menu. All the local favourites are still present, with many regulars always selecting the same dish with every visit. Why change a winning formula?

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Cafe Solo Gibraltar

  • Hits: 2392

Having often been described by friends as a ‘true foodie,’ my weekly eating P.O.A is as crucial and carefully planned out as my future wedding.  Despite being such a small place, in Gibraltar there really is a restaurant to accommodate every food taste, every mood and every occasion. I often think however, that it is becoming more of a difficulty finding a restaurant menu that genuinely excites me and goes that little bit further to offer something other than the generic.  Café Solo, an Italian restaurant situated at Casemates Square makes my sensory receptor go on overload and my taste buds flurry.

The choice is extensive whether you fancy something light like a Cajun Langoustine Salad, enjoying a Garlic Mushroom, Serrano Ham & Thyme Roasted Chicken pizza with friends or indulging in a Lamb Tagine or roasted aubergine, sun-dried tomatoes, balsamic roasted red onions, toasted pine nuts & crumbled goats cheese pasta dish. Café Solo Gibraltar offers a unique blend of traditional and innovative dishes to ensure that you find your perfect choice. No meal is complete without the perfect beverage and Café Solo offers an array of wines from around the globe, speciality beers, soft drinks, freshly brewed coffee roasted and supplied on the rock and even a few cheeky champagnes to ensure that your thirst is quenched in style!

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Maharaja - A taste of India

  • Hits: 3433

In Sanskrit, the word Maharaja means “Great King”. It is the title bestowed on the rulers of small states during the British colonisation of India. This appellation was never more fitting a title for a restaurant that quietly and unassumingly rules its own small corner of the marketplace in the former British Colony, now British Overseas Dependent Territory, of Gibraltar.

Any fan of Indian cuisine will find an extensive selection of dishes lining the Maharaja’s menu, including a range of specials and alluring dishes found in and amongst the usual favourites. When looking for a restaurant in Gibraltar with a bit of spice, the Maharaja is the little bit of nice that you desire.

In a city where curry houses are mostly just Indian Takeaways, the Maharaja sets itself apart not only by the quality of its cuisine but, more importantly, by the comfortable and friendly surroundings of its clean and airy restaurants. In fact, the Maharaja is the only ‘real’ Indian restaurant in Gibraltar, amidst a sea of takeaways with limited dining areas. The jewel in the Maharaja’s crown, however, is that they have two restaurants situated in two very different locations around Gibraltar; one just off Main Street (Tuckey’s Lane), in the centre of town, and the other in the more attractive quayside location of Queensway Quay Marina.

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Café Rojo – The delight of Irish Town

  • Hits: 2976

Having eaten in Café Rojo countless times now, I felt it was imperative to tell you just how great the place really is. Set in Irish Town, the restaurant has a unique and friendly atmosphere when you walk in. The restaurant seats approximately 35 people, on big comfortable chairs, on tables that are big enough for the number of people sat at it and with a staff that always have a smile on their faces.

Café Rojo’s menu is divine, and although it changes every six months roughly, the best dishes are kept on the menu, sometimes they’re even improved slightly. The style of the food is modern Italian / Spanish fusion with an eclectic mix of classic and innovative dishes. The starters include options like, Goats Cheese salad but also offer you a tasty alternative with home made gazpacho.

The main dishes at Café Rojo bring together the best of “La Dolce Vita”, with a range of pastas available to suit all tastes and palettes, my favourite being the Chicken with Chorizo and Jamon, with a slight sprinkling of chilli, simply put it’s delicious. But I like to think of myself as someone with an open mind, so I have also tried the lamb shank recently, the meat falls off the bone and the side serving of small potato cubes, again delicious.

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Charlie’s Steakhouse & Grill

  • Hits: 2761

Long before the development of the vibrant Ocean Village, the small and humble Marina Bay boasted some of Gibraltar’s most popular restaurants. Charlie’s has remained a traditional favourite over decades and it continues to provide “a delightful dining experience in an atmosphere of comfortable elegance.”

Double the size it used to be, Charlie’s is well equipped to cater for its ever increasing popularity and the hungry masses that come in and out every day.  It’s not just the sophisticated décor and seating capacity that makes Charlie’s a popular dining choice.  Well priced and acknowledged for their generous portions, I have spent many an evening on a personal mission to finish a starter, main and dessert, without passing out.  There’s no good in trying to finish lavish portions of distasteful food, at Charlie’s however, it is quite the opposite. Often advised to “skip a starter” by friends who have consistently stated that “no matter how many days you don’t eat for in preparation, you will never finish a three course meal here!” It is impossible for me to bypass the sizzling gambas pil pil, creamy garlic mushrooms or an aioli supplemented blooming onion. It just won’t happen.

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Yellow House – Pure class on a plate, here in Gibraltar

  • Hits: 2590

Some people say that when something is worth it, you don’t mind paying for it. The person who buys a £250,000 Rolls Royce doesn’t complain about how much it cost him. He is proud and happy to be able to say “I own a Rolls Royce” and with owning it comes the satisfaction of driving the Rolls Royce. Well the same can be said about the Yellow House in Gibraltar.

The restaurant that some people said was just too expensive may in fact be the “Rolls Royce” of the restaurant world here in Gibraltar. Their menu is high class, made with the best ingredients and all wrapped up with splendid décor and friendly staff that look after you during your dining experience.

Having eaten there several times, at lunch as well as for dinner, I can say I have had truly great experiences at this restaurant. To start of the meal I would have to recommend some of their delicious jamon, which is of the highest quality you can find. The “Degustation” menu that is available is second to none, and offers you a small selection of all the great dishes on offer.

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Cheers (Cornwalls)

  • Hits: 2961

When you’re working and you are in a hurry, it’s all too easy to settle for a quick sandwich or a roll at your desk, but every now and again, it’s nice to have a good meal. Now most people have an hour for lunch... if you are a lawyer you may even have an hour and a half. Here at YGTV, we’re lucky to get away from the office for half an hour.

But there is good news, Cheers, which has now become a firm favourite of ours, turns around our meals in about 30 minutes, with a new and fresh selection of special dishes just right for the day. Healthy options, fishy and meaty options always adorn the menu and from sitting down and ordering, to paying the bill and leaving, we’ve timed less than forty minutes a few times.

The atmosphere is great, sat out on the terrace, set within the courtyard of the Cornwall’s Centre, giving you a great summery vibe. The inside of the restaurant, although not as big, offers you air conditioning, which should be much appreciated this time of year.

The specials menu to look out for, and definitely our favourite, is the Cheers lamb. A succulent shoulder of lamb, slow roasted; with an onion based gravy is to die for. Served with “patatas a lo pobre” this makes for one hell of a lunch.

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