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Café Rojo – The delight of Irish Town

Having eaten in Café Rojo countless times now, I felt it was imperative to tell you just how great the place really is. Set in Irish Town, the restaurant has a unique and friendly atmosphere when you walk in. The restaurant seats approximately 35 people, on big comfortable chairs, on tables that are big enough for the number of people sat at it and with a staff that always have a smile on their faces.

Café Rojo’s menu is divine, and although it changes every six months roughly, the best dishes are kept on the menu, sometimes they’re even improved slightly. The style of the food is modern Italian / Spanish fusion with an eclectic mix of classic and innovative dishes. The starters include options like, Goats Cheese salad but also offer you a tasty alternative with home made gazpacho.

The main dishes at Café Rojo bring together the best of “La Dolce Vita”, with a range of pastas available to suit all tastes and palettes, my favourite being the Chicken with Chorizo and Jamon, with a slight sprinkling of chilli, simply put it’s delicious. But I like to think of myself as someone with an open mind, so I have also tried the lamb shank recently, the meat falls off the bone and the side serving of small potato cubes, again delicious.

No great meal is complete without a nice glass of wine, or two, or however many you feel is necessary to complete your dining experience. The wine list at Cafe Rojo won’t disappoint you. Whites, roses, reds and champagnes are all available and the selection is as impressive as their menu. French, Spanish and new world wines are all represented and will give you a great choice to find the perfect bottle to accompany your meal and or occasion.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Don’t panic, this gem of a restaurant will cater for you to. The desert menu has a lot to offer, but the honest truth is, the Banoffee Pie will blow your mind. Served with cream or ice cream, the true touch in Café Rojo's style is the cinnamon powdered on the plate, leaving the initials, C R on display. It’s a small touch, but it’s definitely one that caught our eye.

Anyone who has been to Café Rojo will immediately remember Annette, the live wire, bubbly owner, who’s laugh you won’t soon forget, she's definitely part of the charm that makes this restaurant one of our favourites in Gibraltar.

Whether you want a romantic meal for two, a quick business lunch or you want to have dinner with 20 of your friends, Annette and her team can and will accommodate you to the best of their abilities.