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Charlie’s Steakhouse & Grill

Long before the development of the vibrant Ocean Village, the small and humble Marina Bay boasted some of Gibraltar’s most popular restaurants. Charlie’s has remained a traditional favourite over decades and it continues to provide “a delightful dining experience in an atmosphere of comfortable elegance.”

Double the size it used to be, Charlie’s is well equipped to cater for its ever increasing popularity and the hungry masses that come in and out every day.  It’s not just the sophisticated décor and seating capacity that makes Charlie’s a popular dining choice.  Well priced and acknowledged for their generous portions, I have spent many an evening on a personal mission to finish a starter, main and dessert, without passing out.  There’s no good in trying to finish lavish portions of distasteful food, at Charlie’s however, it is quite the opposite. Often advised to “skip a starter” by friends who have consistently stated that “no matter how many days you don’t eat for in preparation, you will never finish a three course meal here!” It is impossible for me to bypass the sizzling gambas pil pil, creamy garlic mushrooms or an aioli supplemented blooming onion. It just won’t happen.

The main menu offers a range of salads, sizzling and meat specials, meat poultry, pasta dishes and burgers, accompanied with a range of side dishes and wines to choose from.  An all-time favourite and a Charlie’s menu veteran is the Jamaican Pepper Pot;  slices of tender steak served with a crushed black pepper and sweet peppers and onion sauce, chosen from three heat levels depending on your spice tolerance. Apart from top of the range steaks and other flavoursome dishes, Charlie’s also offers the ‘Passage to India,’ a range of mouth-watering spiced dishes prepared exclusively by their specialist Indian Chefs.  Now that’s what I call a diverse restaurant menu!

There is no point in trying to leave without ordering a dessert, believe me I’ve tried on various occasions. After such a tasty meal it would be wrong, almost illegal, not to take a peak at what dulcet treats are on offer. The Banoffee Pie is always a favourite, but if you’re looking for something different, the nutty Snickets Crumble is definitely worth a try!

Next door to the restaurant Charlie’s Bar also offers a more casual setting where you can unwind with a couple of drinks after work, enjoy a game of pool or darts, grab some lunch, share some snacks or enjoy a traditional Sunday-roast with the family.  Both Charlie’s restaurant and the bar offer a welcoming and relaxing ambience and once visited you won’t be in a rush to leave, especially after all that food!