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Gibraltar Restaurant Guide

YGTV Lifestyle – Restaurant Guide

Just like the rest of Gibraltar, Gibraltar’s restaurants have a lot to offer, culturally the country has so many influences that it is not surprising that you can find everything from typically Spanish cuisine through to fusion Thai and Malaysian style noodles and of course traditional fish and chips.

The same multi-cultural community that lives together eats together and the wide variety of foods comes down to the rich diversity that the Gibraltar offers. The Moroccan community are represented and offer some of the best Cous Cous and pinchitos that you can find on the rock. If that’s not your idea of a good night out in a Gibraltar restaurant, why not try a Chicken Jalfrezi from one of the great Indian restaurants in Gibraltar or alternatively takeaway and eat in the comfort of your own home.

Eating during sunset facing west at Jumpers wheel in Gibraltar is a great experience. The restaurant offers a wide variety of fresh fish and Is always a firm favourite with parties here in Gibraltar. Of course, breakfast at sunrise in the Caleta hotel can’t be ignored either. Their restaurant Nunoz is a great place to dine out in the evening.

You can eat in the old town, you can eat in one of the Gibraltar Marinas, the choice is there and it’s up to you to make it. Here at Your Gibraltar TV we wanted to show you the options available and, if we can, bring you great offers on new places to eat. Try the red curry in brandy sauce at Lek Bangkok for a true taste of Thailand, or the Chicken, chorizo and jamon pasta at Café Rojo, the choice is yours.

It’s not just about eating out; takeaways are vast in Gibraltar and range away from the usual kebab and chips, although there are some great kebab shops to. Why not get a Chinese to take home, peeking duck with pancakes, a firm favourite from the Kowloon in Watergardens.

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