• Weather Advisory Issued - Heavy Rain
  • Weather Advisory Issued - Heavy Rain

    The Government, in collaboration with MeteoGib, has issued a Weather Advisory warning as showers will continue to affect Gibraltar at times during today and through in to the overnight period, heavy at times with the risk of isolated thundery downpours and some hail possible. There is a chance that rain accumulations could reach 25mm within a 6 hour period.

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Yellow House – Pure class on a plate, here in Gibraltar

Some people say that when something is worth it, you don’t mind paying for it. The person who buys a £250,000 Rolls Royce doesn’t complain about how much it cost him. He is proud and happy to be able to say “I own a Rolls Royce” and with owning it comes the satisfaction of driving the Rolls Royce. Well the same can be said about the Yellow House in Gibraltar.

The restaurant that some people said was just too expensive may in fact be the “Rolls Royce” of the restaurant world here in Gibraltar. Their menu is high class, made with the best ingredients and all wrapped up with splendid décor and friendly staff that look after you during your dining experience.

Having eaten there several times, at lunch as well as for dinner, I can say I have had truly great experiences at this restaurant. To start of the meal I would have to recommend some of their delicious jamon, which is of the highest quality you can find. The “Degustation” menu that is available is second to none, and offers you a small selection of all the great dishes on offer.

Your Gibraltar TV has been lucky enough to spend some time with the chef and the team, especially Isaac during the filming of a couple of episodes of the Gourmet Host. In fact why not check out the video and see just how good the food looks.

As a dining experience in Gibraltar it has hard to find better, Isaac and his team are some of the most professional restaurateurs you can find. Isaac has the restaurant business in his blood, his father has a great restaurant in Spain and from an early age Isaac soon learnt the trade. Some years later it would appear that he has perfected it.

Would you like some wine? Wine! Wine! Wine! Yellow House has an extraordinary selection of wines, something to suit all palettes, even the most refined. Their cellar, which sits under the restaurant floor, can be seen through a small glass pane in the middle of the restaurant. Take a look, or if you are feeling cheeky ask if you can be shown around… What’s the worse they can do? Say no?

If you haven’t tried it, then you’re missing out. If you feel it’s a bit expensive, save up, the treat is well worth it. If you can afford then, just like the Rolls Royce owner, sit there with pride and a smug grin on your face as you enjoy your meal and the great service that the Yellow House has to offer. It really is one of the best restaurants in Gibraltar.