• Weather Advisory Issued - Heavy Rain
  • Weather Advisory Issued - Heavy Rain

    The Government, in collaboration with MeteoGib, has issued a Weather Advisory warning as showers will continue to affect Gibraltar at times during today and through in to the overnight period, heavy at times with the risk of isolated thundery downpours and some hail possible. There is a chance that rain accumulations could reach 25mm within a 6 hour period.

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Cheers (Cornwalls)

When you’re working and you are in a hurry, it’s all too easy to settle for a quick sandwich or a roll at your desk, but every now and again, it’s nice to have a good meal. Now most people have an hour for lunch... if you are a lawyer you may even have an hour and a half. Here at YGTV, we’re lucky to get away from the office for half an hour.

But there is good news, Cheers, which has now become a firm favourite of ours, turns around our meals in about 30 minutes, with a new and fresh selection of special dishes just right for the day. Healthy options, fishy and meaty options always adorn the menu and from sitting down and ordering, to paying the bill and leaving, we’ve timed less than forty minutes a few times.

The atmosphere is great, sat out on the terrace, set within the courtyard of the Cornwall’s Centre, giving you a great summery vibe. The inside of the restaurant, although not as big, offers you air conditioning, which should be much appreciated this time of year.

The specials menu to look out for, and definitely our favourite, is the Cheers lamb. A succulent shoulder of lamb, slow roasted; with an onion based gravy is to die for. Served with “patatas a lo pobre” this makes for one hell of a lunch.

Alternatively, if you get a chance to try the Bream Fillets, with a lobster sauce, you won’t be disappointed. The fresh fish is only on the menu because the fishmonger sold it that morning. The lobster sauce gives the fish a fantastic flavour and tastes so fresh you’ll be finishing your food in no time.

Sound like too much? Try the goats’ cheese salad, with walnuts, apple and a drizzle of honey dressing and caramelised onions, it will sure get you going.

It’s not all about the specials... Well actually for us it is, but there is always a great selection of fresh desserts to choose from as well. Including, Coconut Cheesecake (our firm favourite), a delicious banoffee pie (our second choice) and a wide selection of flans, cakes and ice creams to choose from.

The team is incredible at Cheers and no matter if it’s for a quick coffee in the morning, a full breakfast or the special lunches, you’ll find them smiling and happy to wait your table.

If you haven’t been, we really can’t recommend it enough. If you have been, well, you know exactly what we are talking about then don’t you?