Apr 13 - GSD Questions Upper Rock Ban On Foreign Cars

The GSD says it notes what it describes as an “unexpected, unannounced and surreptitiously introduced” restriction on foreign licensed vehicles from entering the Upper Rock Nature Reserve as from last Monday 4th April 2016.

The GSD calls on the Government to explain why it has been so “shy in announcing this radical policy shift” and whether the effect on tourism been factored in.  The party also seeks to know with whom the Government has consulted before taking this step.

The party adds that while taxis, coaches and the cable car operators will benefit, it is not known what effect the move will have on Gibraltar’s key tourist product if you deny access to foreign registered cars.

GSD Tourism spokesman Lawrence Llamas MP said: “I’m interested to learn what influenced Government to make this radical move which is likely to have an immediate negative impact on the tourist experience and potentially have the effect of further congesting traffic and parking in and around town”.