Dec 18 - Roy Clinton Elected Member Of CIPFA

The GSD has announced that Roy Clinton has been elected as a qualified accountant member of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA).

Roy Clinton said: “It was important for me to demonstrate my commitment to public finance and transparency by gaining admission to CIPFA which is the only professional accountancy institute dedicated to public finance. A future GSD Government would reinforce the Ministry of Finance by having a dedicated Minister to oversee public revenue and general expenditure and the implementation of good practice in Public Finance Management. This is especially important in the current uncertain economic environment.

"The GSD’s three primary objectives for the Ministry of Finance would be transparency, value for money/prudence and training. Transparency in our debt levels in which an organisation such as CIPFA could provide independent expert advice and settle the political argument. We are also committed to unwinding the web of companies created by the GSLP/Liberals designed to avoid Parliamentary scrutiny and transparency.

"Value for money in ensuring prudence and efficiency in resource allocation and procurement. This should not mean targeting the Civil Service but rather giving it the tools and resources to deliver better services under a value for money objective. Finally in training for finance professionals within the public sector where I note that there are 10 individuals currently pursuing the CIPFA qualification as students. I would like to see key finance posts in future filled by qualified professionals from within the Civil Service and not externally. We need to build professional capacity within the public sector and not undermine it.

"Our public finances are the cornerstone upon which all our services and aspirations as a people rest and as such must have the dedication of a full time Minister which is a firm GSD commitment and which no other political party has offered.”