Feb 08 - GSD Meet With Chamber Of Commerce

The GSD says it recently met with the Chamber of Commerce to hold a discussion on issues of relevance to business and industry.

The discussion covered a variety of subjects from Brexit contingency planning to specific industry related issues.

Keith Azopardi and Roy Clinton attended to the meeting. 

This follows from a meeting that the GSD also held last year with the GFSB on similar matters.

Keith Azopardi said: “The discussions with both the Chamber and GFSB has been very helpful to allow a sharing of views on issues that matter to employers and businesses. This forms part of the continuing rounds of meetings that we are holding with social or economic representative groups across Gibraltar and with a view to developing our programme for Government. The GSD is committed to ensuring that Gibraltar is competitive and business friendly so that this encourages economic growth, employment in all sectors and greater prosperity. Our programme for the next election will have exciting ideas to regenerate the economy”.