Feb 12 - GSD Calls On Government To Review Hassans Centenary Development

The GSD have said that the Hassans Centenary development has the potential to become a "generational blot" on our landscape.

A statement from the GSD follows below:

The Government should go back to the drawing board and review the aesthetic impact of the housing development. At the moment the high density development is planned over a series of massive towers some of which will be around 30 storeys high. The towers themselves will make a massive impact on the skyline and can only dramatically change that part of Gibraltar forever encouraging other developers to build high and affect the view of the north face of the Rock.

Concerns by NGOs voiced at the Planning Commission yesterday are merited. The pace and manner of recent development seems unbridled and it is difficult to argue for better controls of density and aesthetics from the private sector when Government itself is promoting a scheme like this.

Keith Azopardi said: "We are still in time and Government should overhaul its plans to deliver housing in a more sensitive and sustainable way."