GSLP/Liberals To Report Manifesto Removal To Authorities

The GSLP/Liberals say they have received reports that copies of their manifestos are being removed from letterbox areas and binned. 

A statement from the GSLP/Liberals follows below:

This constitutes a serious interference with the democratic process. It also explains the telephone calls we have received from residents of a given area asking for a copy of our manifesto when we had already delivered to that area. 

The GSLP/Liberals remind the electorate that a copy of our manifesto is available online at or a hard copy can be collected from our office in Irish Town. 

We are confident that those responsible for this sabotage will be caught with the use of CCTV and other new technology. We are reporting the matter to the Returning Officer and to the Royal Gibraltar Police. 

A photograph of manifestos strewn on the floor is attached. 

The Leader of the GSLP Liberals, Fabian Picardo, said: “Respecting electoral material of all parties is important. We have seen areas with the manifestos of other parties also strewn around. All of us put a lot of effort into preparing manifestos. It is a shame – apart from being an offence – that some think that depriving other access to our material is the right way to behave. We want the public to see the manifestos of others and compare them to others so that each citizen can make up their minds for themselves who to vote for. We believe when they do that comparative exercise, they will make the choice to vote for the GSLP Liberals. We will therefore take this up with the pertinent authorities and will seek access to CCTV where available to ensure those flouting the rules are appropriately dealt with.”