GSD Say Picardo's Comments On Negative Politics Are "Deeply Ironic"

GSD Leader, Keith Azopardi, has said the Chief Minister’s comments on negative politics are  “deeply ironic”. 

A statement from the GSD follows below:

It is deeply ironic that Mr Picardo whose first press release on the GSD New Year’s Message was a bitter personal attack on Mr Azopardi that was full of name-calling should now accuse Mr Azopardi of negative politics. It is as if he is pretending that did not happen. 

Mr Picardo would do well to go back and re-read his angry first press release and realize how personal and petty his release was. 

Mr Azopardi said: “I believe in positive, constructive politics and in me the Chief Minister will find a willing partner on issues of public interest where we can work together. We have already demonstrated that in the first session of the Parliament on the issue of the mechanics for the forthcoming Abortion referendum. 

"But I also said we would be robust and that I will not be deterred from doing my job because of Mr Picardo’s hollow personal attacks. I also meant that. As such we won’t stand idly by if we have a different vision on things, think that something is untrue or that the Government are making a mistake. It is our duty to say so. When we do Mr Picardo will find that I always use careful language to ensure that I retain a tone of robust but fair politics. 

"He will also find, though, that if he reacts in an intemperate personal way as he did on this occasion that I am not going to cower into a corner. I am not afraid of Mr Picardo and he will get a robust response back. As Leader of the Opposition I consider it my duty to represent the many people who don’t like how the Government goes about its business and I will do so.”