TG “Shocked” at GSD’s Statement on Vaccination of 12-15 Year Olds

Together Gibraltar has described the statement by the GSD yesterday as “little more than a shameful attempt to pander to antivaxxeers and conspiracy theorists” adding that the party’s contribution “compromises Gibraltar’s capacity to address the still ongoing Covid pandemic - only for a handful of votes.”

A statement continued: “The PR provides incomplete information and inaccurate statements. It cites advice from the JCVI, while omitting the fact that the four U.K. Chief Medical Officers unanimously recommended vaccination of this age group after taking into consideration this advice. The GSD PR also refers to “long term effects” of the vaccine on children, even though it has long been the consensus that this is simply a biological implausibility.

“To add insult to injury, it makes a completely unnecessary point, as the Gibraltar Government (or any other government for that matter) has never suggested forcing vaccines on children without parental consent.

“This amounts to highly dangerous and cynical electioneering, as being able to enact public health policy swiftly and effectively is the most important tool we have to protect our citizens until we can eliminate the threat of the virus.”