Feb 22 - Opposition Calls Upon Government for Firm Commitment on Housing

gsdIn response to the Government’s recent housing statement the GSD has insisted that they continue to fail to make any commitment in respect of exactly how many new homes for rental they will make available during their term in office.

The Party goes on to list a number of achievements that in respect of housing that they reached during their time in office, as retaliation to the Government’s claims that the GSD failed to provide a timely flow of houses.

The list includes 500 new rental homes in Mid Harbours, the first rental estate constructed since Varyl Begg, establishing the Housing Works Agency, over 800 home ownership flats at Waterport Terraces and reducing the housing list eligibility from 21 to 18 years of age.

Shadow Minister for Housing, Edwin Reyes stated, ‘government claims that further to their housing projects announced so far, others will follow.  Therefore, we call upon Government to make firm commitments in respect of how many new rental homes it will construct and allocate during the time it has left in Office’.