Feb 25 - GHA Claims Opposition Fail to Sense Government Commitment to Advance Health Service

ghaFollowing the Opposition’s criticism of the Government’s willingness to consider offering NaPro Technology to couples struggling to conceive, the Government insists that they make no apology for having introduced IVF. They also add that this method may not be accepted by some couples, so they are willing to provide and alternative.

The GHA will adopt NHS policies wherever relevant, but will also support the introduction of carefully considered initiatives ‘ that can extend the Gibraltar Health Service beyond what is offered in other countries. A Government spokesperson revealed that the terms under which NaPro technology will be offered are currently being considered, as is the extension of the criteria for IVF as modified in the NICE Guidelines two weeks ago.

The Government adds that ‘the Opposition has failed to sense the commitment of the Government to take Gibraltar's health service well beyond what this community has ever seen, and has lacked consideration and sensitivity for those couples who want children and feel they want to chose an alternative way of achieving this’.