Apr 04 - PDP Calls for Answers on Commonwealth Park

pdpThe PDP has today expressed their concern over the delay in the development of the ‘proposed Commonwealth Park’. The Party has insisted that ‘any clear thinker would have waited until a definitive and realistic start date was announced before digging it up and blocking any access for pedestrians along that stretch of Queensway’.

The PDP have requested information on how much the project has cost so far and under what conditions the land was leased to the Government of Gibraltar, including any provisions the Government has made to re-provide these parking’s if, and when, the developer wants the land back?

The party is equally concerned with the lack of foresight in proposing an underground car-park in the GSLP's 2011 manifesto which they have been unable to deliver on. A statement adds, 'If, as they lead us to believe time and again, they do their research and planning then surely they must have known the site was not suitable for the development of an underground parking except at a prohibitive cost'. Within its manifesto, the party proposed green roofing of car parking areas in order to provide both green areas and leisure areas for residents and visitors alike without losing parking areas and at a reasonable cost.

The PDP would further like to know why tenders were not awarded for the development of the site as well as the landscaping.