Jul 26 - Defenders of Gibraltar Urges Police to Maintain Current Stance on Guardia Civil Incursions

defendersLocal pressure group, the Defenders of Gibraltar today congratulated the Royal Gibraltar Police, along with the Gibraltar Defence Police and Royal Navy for ‘exhibiting such professionalism, tenacity, courage and teamwork in the face of such difficult circumstances,’ during yesterday’s incident just off the runway.

The group continues, ‘yesterday’s unfortunate situation was caused by the Spanish Guardia Civil attempting to fan the flames of an already tense political situation, and its failed attempts to intimidate and harass our law enforcement and assert executive authority in BGTW amounted to a victory you were key to achieving.

'You have done the whole of Gibraltar proud with such a positive outcome and sent a clear message to Spain that we will do what we want to in our waters subject to its permissibility through the laws of our land.

'We would like to urge you to keep this stance with regards to illegal incursions and Guardia Civil attempts to exercise jurisdiction in BGTW. We are of the belief that if the Guardia Civil is given an inch, our problems would undoubtedly worsen. In due course we would fully expect to see the UK stationing larger naval assets permanently in Gibraltar, so as to also fulfill the role of acting as a visible deterrent and to bolster our own local capabilities.’