Nov 12 - Lidington Reassures MPs Government Will Not Re-Open Talks on Gibraltar Sovereignty


Questioning UK Minister for Europe David Lidington on Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Labour MP for Heywood and Middleton Jim Dobbin requested information in Parliament yesterday on whether any Minister or official had agreed or taken any steps to restart talks with Spain on the sovereignty of Gibraltar under the Brussels Process or any other bilateral process.

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Nov 11 - GSD Critical of Bossano's Health and Safety Policy

gsdIn criticism of Health and Safety Minister Joe Bossano’s recent comments at the latest Health and Safety seminar held on Monday 4th November, the GSD has claimed that Minister Bossano ‘simply does not know what he is talking about in matters of H&S’.

The party insists that this follows on from his Parliament track record ‘Parliament which shows little regard for the development of H&S policies.’ At the seminar, Minister Bossano claimed that both public and private employers ‘are not conducting risk assessments with regard to their employees’ working duties’. The GSD explains that this ‘distorts reality, as there are many employers (both public and private) who systematically conduct risk assessments on a continuous basis, either in relation to their own employees or with contracted-out work.’

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Nov 11 - Chief Minister Condemns Feetham’s Behaviour Over Credit Finance

The Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, has reiterated his view that Opposition Leader Daniel Feetham’s behaviour over the Government’s Credit Finance Company when he walked out of Parliament was “simply designed to cause dramatic effect.” Mr Picardo insists it is clear that Mr Feetham was totally aware that the Government could not supply the information he wanted because of commercial confidentiality and sensitivity – something, it claims, Mr Feetham has yet to refute.

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